Psychic Medium Leticia Torres . Real Psychic Clairvoyant by birth. Psychic readings and Palo Mayombe real spells. Worldwide service 2022

Astral cleansing,  help to find you employment, return of your love and many other religious services for you. Call me !!

Vidente tarot del amor gratis en Barcelona

Welcome and my blessings for visiting this special place. I want you to know that you did not arrive here by chance. Destiny and your protective angels have brought you to finally find a solution to your problems. And I can give your solutions and guidances. I’m Psychic, medium and clairvoyant by born.

Surely you have gone to many other services where you have been deceived undermining your faith, destroying your hope and ruining your pocket with money that you cost so much to earn and save. I use cartomancy and Tarot.

Let me tell you that MY SERVICES ARE REALLY CHEAP, I do not seek to enrich myself but to help, I accept voluntary donations to offer to my saints and deities. You can check my worldwide on line store for services at very affordable price at my shop.



I am a religious person with a good heart that God blessed with gifts of clairvoyance that I use to do good by helping selflessly.

I have to inform you that the religious who can help you with their gifts cannot use their gifts or power to enrich themselves because they would lose them. 

Avoid any services that ask you for abusive amounts of money. So you will have discovered that 99% of the services you can find are mere scams.

Psychic Medium Leticia Torres by birth.

I attend personally by email worldwide (english & spanish). I am an expert in Astrology of love in Barcelona. I also practice clairvoyance in Barcelona.


My general consultations are 1 hour when I read the past, present, and future.

Depending on the type of religious work, if my presence is required in the place due to the kind of work, I am a medium and spiritist, the costs of travel, maintenance, and lodging during the work to be carried out, would be covered by the person requesting it.

I hope I can help you, on my website you will find all the information you need. Remember that I answer questions of the Tarot of love and I do works of binding spell and sweetening with success. 

I offer services for specific questions, general blind readings, numerology, year readings, career readings, finance readings, love readings, relationship readings, and much more.


Receive my blessings.

Psychic Medium Leticia Torres

Expert in love moorings and binding spells. Ask me !

Astrología del amor en barcelona
Lectura de Tarot en Barcelona


I have the gift of clairvoyance by born, and I am a psychic, spiritualist, clairvoyant and medium, as well as the Mother of Palo Mayombe.

As a clarivoyant I have the ability to see the future, to know the past and to give the tools to solve the present and the future through works. This kind of work does not require my personal presence either in the cards reading or in the subsequent work that may arise to solve the problems.

To carry out this type of consultation, one of my 26 deities connects me with the astral plane of the person consulted, with the opening of different spiritual channels, which allows me to have visions and answers through cartomancy and Tarot. My gifts go beyond a tarot consultation or cards reading.

In this way I help people to be able to project the future and, therefore, I guide them to make the best decisions in their day-to-day life.

As a psychic medium, I have the gifts of contacting deceased people or beings from beyond. By having the gift of clairvoyance alongside that of a medium, I can not only contact spirits but also I see them.

With my gift I can hear the thoughts, voices and feelings of other beings that are not part of our reality. In addition, I can capture the frequent higher energetics where spirits vibrate and, therefore, my contact with that “other” reality is feasible.

That is why I help bringing messages from those who are on the other side. In my case, I can also see certain things around people, places or photographs: colors, dates, events and spirits.

I also allow those who are on the other side to possess me so that I can convey their messages to them. This type of ritual is called a spiritual mass and must be done in person. This way you can communicate with them directly.

As the Mother of Palo Mayombe, I can carry out work through my protective deities and angels on this earthly plane. I only accept jobs to do good and free of karmic effects for those who request it and for me. I do not accept jobs that could harm any being. I am a very good clairvoyant with an innate and honest gift, a specialist in love Tarot, love astrology, tarot cards readings, clairvoyance, daily horoscope, religious works of binding spells, sweeteners, road openers; being a good clairvoyant in Barcelona, serving everyone internationally. You can find hundreds of good recommendations and experiences on my social networks without a single criticism.

My works are totally effective, since it is the deity who accepts and agrees to carry out the work, informs of the resolution time. Depending on each case, resolution times can range from 1 week to 6 months.

You can look at my services section to know all the jobs that some of my deities can do.

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