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My name is Leticia Torres, I was born in Cuban. I come from generations of Cuban and Haitian Santeros and I was introduced to the Yoruba religion, the foundation of Santeria, since I was three years old.

I help people, from understanding, to solve their problems and heal the pain they feel.

With me you will find the solutions to alleviate your discomfort and unblock the energies that prevent you from progressing; healing your wounds, eliminating your obstacles, helping you achieve your dreams. You’ll be able to obtain the necessary peace to live a full life with my help.

Psychic Leticia Torres gifted by birth as one of the best medium and clairvoyant

God gave me the gift of clairvoyance, which was detected in me when I was 2 years old. Because of my spirituality and my gifts I am a medium, psychic and spiritist. My ingrained beliefs and my gratitude to God; I have consecrated my life in helping others to do good, with the gifts with which They have blessed me.

I am a Catholic and Mother in Palo Mayombe belonging to the Yoruba religion of Cuban and Haitian Santeria, the oldest religion in the world with more than 5000 years old that has syncretism with the Catholic religion.

My religion has the Ifa divination system, being the only Authentic and Effective Divination System recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2005 by UNESCO.

Psychic Leticia Torres Medium Clairvoyant

My work methodology is the use of cartomancy and Tarot as a clairvoyant, medium, psychic and spiritist.  By uniting these three gifts it allows me to know the past, present and future of the people that I read. Discovering the origin of the problems or concerns, the evolution in the present and future, and applying the necessary religious works of Santeria to help unblock, solve or open the roads in the most effective and efficient way. I am obliged by my beliefs and religion to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of my inquiries.

All my protective spirits of my spiritual cord are beings of light, so only jobs are accepted to do good that do not involve karmic problems for the person consulted or for me.

Additionally, I have treaties with 27 Haitian and Cuban ancestral deities so that the work I do is strong, done correctly and protected.

My sworn commitment to God and my deities is to help people for their good and I do it in a vocational way and with all the love for my spiritual growth.

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I am a humble person and far from earthly goods. My goal in this life is to grow spiritually and that is why I use myself body and soul to help those in need.

I do not dedicate myself professionally to it, I do it out of vocation. I do not have an organization to serve as many people as possible for profit, but I personally serve each person who seeks help, making that person my godson until we solve their problems.

My dedication is selfless and vocational, so I empathize with the person who needs help to make their case for my cause and use my gifts to achieve their happiness and well-being.


I am catholic and I practice the Palo Mayombe which is a magic best known for keeping the balance of Good (Mbote) and Evil (Mbi).

Palo or congo is a religion with a group of denominations closely related, with Bantu origins, developed by slaves from Central Africa who were brought to Cuba, which also came in the same way derived from the Yoruba religion from the area of ​​the Gulf of Guinea.

The belief system of the palo congo resides in two pillars: the belief in natural powers, and the veneration of the spirits of their ancestors, in my case Africans, Cubans and Haitians. Natural objects, and especially sticks, are linked to spirit-infused powers. These objects are known as “nganga” and are the central object of magical rites of the Palo and its religious practice. A number of spirits called “mpungu” inhabit Nkisi (sacred medicine). The “mpungu” are well known in name and ritual, and are revered as deities. They are powerful entities, which I invoke and work to do good.

There is a syncretism between the two religions. Religious syncretism, in particular the use of the Christian cross “with the image of Jesus crucified” and images of Catholic saints as representations of Nkisi, can be seen in some Palo houses called Palo Cristiano.

The Kingdom of the Congo had officially converted to Catholicism while it was an independent nation since the 1400s and the Afro-Catholic syncretistic movement spread during the era of slavery, reaching greater heights under the leadership of Kimpa Vita (A Congolese Prophetess, 1684-1706 ), who promoted Saint Anthony of Padua as “a second God”. So it is evident that much of the syncretism given in the Palo Cristiano as opposed to the Palo Judío already occurred in Africa and not in Cuba.

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