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Do you think you are going down the path of bad luck? Hasn’t fortune been with you lately? Do you want to get your partner back? A change of destiny through spiritual cleansing may be necessary. At Leticia Torres I offer you extensive experience in the world of clairvoyance and magic of Palo Mayombe and Cuban and Haitian Santeria. Visit my worldwide shop at Etsy

Know your course

Leticia Torres works every day to glimpse the future of the existence of those who contact me. I am a specialist in interlocution with spirits and in divination through cards reading and the performance of a great variety of rituals.

Although I am in Cuba, I develop my work around the world because by phone I can assist you anywhere on the planet.

Among the services we provide, we highlight a wide catalog of actions. We act as a spirit medium and clairvoyant offering you your future in your hands. Indicating the things that will happen to you in the short and long term.

Psychic Services Leticia Torres
Leticia Torres cartas y cuarzo

If you want to get away from a person, we also help you through our withdrawal and separation rituals that are accompanied by our famous spiritual cleansing through which we drive away bad spirits and attract good ones.

We also help you in the promotion at work through the reading of cards or the development of techniques of Cuban Santeria, Tarot or fortune telling.

If what fails you is gambling luck and chance, we also have rituals to improve it. The future of your luck is in your hands by coming to me.

Do not think about it and give a change of course to your luck. I will wait for you!. Look my reviews !!

Love Moorings / Binding spells

Unfortunately this is one of the most requested spells. Hundreds of people come to me desperate for scams and null results. Please read carefully the risks, fraud and recommendations on such a sensitive topic:

If you request a love mooring from a person who has a gift to do it, you have to put faith in their work and be patient. The applicant’s lack of faith and impatience generates negative energy that hinders work. Once the mooring is done, events can happen that lead to think that the union will not be achieved, think that they are only storms and that after every storm the sun always rises. Faith has to be kept because what happens in the middle of the process, goes through something; and in the end the roads will lead to union. Visualize the end result and believe that what you want will happen, what happens in the middle is irrelevant. FAITH, FAITH and FAITH.

Many people insist on forcing ties with their loved one that the psychic medium sees that he/she is not the right person for his/her life. Everyone is free to choose the wrong path. But if something is not for your life, let something better await you around the corner, and it will make you happier.

AVOID SERVICES WHERE THEY OFFER LOVE MOORINGS AND RESOLUTION TIME ACCORDING TO THE TYPE OF MOORING AS IF IT WAS A SUPERMARKET. Avoid services that tell you what kind of mooring you want: 7 knots, nailing, voodoo, black magic, red magic, white magic, gold, diamond mooring, etc … THEY ARE SCAMS.

The moorings have a cost due to the materials and time of dedication in the work and follow-up. But RUN FROM ANY SERVICE THAT REQUESTS YOU MORE THAN $ 600, they are gross scams at the cost of your feelings.

If you hire a mooring, make sure that it will not have karmic effects for you or your love. Most tell you no, but then the problems multiplied by seven appear.

If you have doubts about whether a love mooring can be done and if it will really be effective, I will tell you and I will do it with a guarantee and at cost price. I am tired of scams at the cost of people’s feelings.

98% guaranteed jobs.
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Personal Services

We have a wide variety of services that will help you overcome your daily bumps with constant spiritual support. 

You can ask me what worries you or what you want to change, and I will help you find the right path with my help.

Specialist in clairvoyance and card reading.

Business world

As a complement to my gift of clairvoyance, I have formed a team of senior managers from multinational companies that I have helped, to be able to offer a professional service to companies that need it, facilitating business development, stable growth, harmonizing the work environment with employees and customers, and avoid mistakes in projects and in decision-making. This is the portfolio of services that I offer: